GDB monitor troubleshoot guide

1. I don’t receive notification.
Try logout and login again.
If you are using iOS8, upgrade to iOS 9 to try again. There are some issues for notifications on iOS 8.
Try logout,delete the existing app,then download the app again and login.

Check if you have changed any notification setting for the device in the monitor app.

Make sure “DON’T DISTURB” is not on.

2. After changing batteries, I don’t receive device update.
Try a factory reset and setup again.
After that, upgrade to the latest firmware.

3. Can I use multiple email accounts for the same device?
Currently not. You can use same account to login on multiple phones.

4. my device offline, how do I fix it?
Disconnecting the batteries for 2 minutes, and re-connecting the batteries should fix the issue.
If the batteries are low, replacing the old batteries with the new ones.
The issue can also usually be fixed by opening/closing the door again.
If it happens very often for the device, contact us at

5. I see the error message “Failed to add device”.
When you see this message, disconnect the batteries for 2 minutes, connect the batteries again.
Then tap the ‘add device to network’ button to setup the device again.

6. I’m not getting notification.
Try logout, then login again. If still not working, reboot the phone.

7. Can’t connect to my wifi network.
Double check if you are on 2.4G WiFi.
Check if you WiFi SSID is hidden (SSID broadcast is disabled). If hidden, turn the “SSID is hidden” switch on during setup.
After making sure your cell phone is on 2.4G WiFi during setup and if it still doesn’t work, reboot the router and all the extenders/repeaters.

Try factory resetting the device.

If your 2.4G WiFi SSID is the same as 5G WiFi SSID, change the SSID to two different names. We had some issues routers when two bands have the same name. The problem is that your phone might automatically connect to the 5G WiFi when the SSIDs are the same for 2.4G and 5G.

If you are using an Android phone and setup failed, please try using an iPhone or iPad.

8. If the Mac address filter is turned on for your router, add the monitor device’s MAC to the list.

9. Make sure you select “Allow notification” when asked.

10. If you getting this error after app upgrade. “Your input is invalid. Please fix it and try again. Bad request”. Please logout and login again.
If that still doesn’t work, delete the app and go to phone’s settings to also delete the app data.

11. If you don’t hear a long beep during setup and you hear a second two beeps instead, that means your battery has issues. Try another new set of batteries.

12. I hear a long beep during setup, but it failed the setup process.
Check if you are connecting to the guest WiFi. Many routers don’t allow the devices on guest WiFi to communicate with other devices in the network. This would cause setup to fail.

13. If you are using Google WiFi and you see some stability issue, please contact us for how to fix the issue.

14. The garage door is always showing open even though it is closed.
Rotate the monitor device 180 degree and check again.

15. If you have Wifi repeater/extender and if they use a different SSID than the main router, choose whichever SSID has the strongest signal to connect the monitor to.

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