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Guide to Setup GarageDoorBuddy Monitor with IFTTT

To setup IFTTT to receive events from GDB Monitor, follow the steps below. 1. First create a free IFTTT account if you do not already have one. 2. Next, from the IFTTT dashboard, click My Applets > Services and search for ‘Webhooks’.  Click ‘Webhooks’ in the search result. 3. Click ‘Documentation’ on the top right for…

Monitor beeps decode (Click Here to see the content in a better format)

Number of beeps Type of beep Stage Description 1 long during factory reset when perform factory reset 2 short before setup/after factory reset waiting to be programmed with SSID/password 5 short and fast before setup battery is too low for setup 1 short during setup/after paired after device joins network successfully 3 short after setup/fail…

Is GarageDoorBuddy secure?

Yes, GarageDoorBuddy will operate on your home WIFI network and it has its own password protection. All communication between your smartphone and GarageDoorBuddy will be protected by a rolling code every time you operate. If someone captures the WIFI signal when you operate and tries to repeat, it won’t work.