15 articles GarageDoorBuddy Remote V1.0

I have GDB v1.0, if my router is too far from my opener, will it work?

For GDB v1.0, the device needs to be within 50 feet of the opener. The actual distance may vary depending on the opener. A good test is to use your regular remote and stand next to where you will place the garagedoorbuddy device and make sure you can control the garage door. This issue is…

Is GarageDoorBuddy secure?

Yes, GarageDoorBuddy will operate on your home WIFI network and it has its own password protection. All communication between your smartphone and GarageDoorBuddy will be protected by a rolling code every time you operate. If someone captures the WIFI signal when you operate and tries to repeat, it won’t work.

I have GDB v1.0, how often do I need to pair the phone app with the garage door opener?

GarageDoorBuddy supports up to two garage door openers. Pairing is only required for the first phone. Any subsequent phone just needs to connect to your home WIFI network, then input the same app password as the first phone to start using the app. No need to pair again.