Cannot connect GDB remote to my router

1. Is your phone connected to GDB2_xxxxxx when you fill the SSID and password?
2. Does your router support 2.4G WiFi signal? Make sure the SSID you provide is for the 2.4G signal of your router.
3. Connect your phone’s WiFi to your home router’s 2.4G WiFi. How many WiFi signal bars do you get when you stand right next to the GDB remote device? If it is 2 bars or less, the WiFi signal is too low.
4. Double check if the SSID and password are filled correctly. check upper case and lower case.
5. Send us a screenshot of the error message during setup.
6. Some android phone will ask to confirm the connection to GDB2_xxxxxx because there is no internet connnection. Please tap ‘yes’ to allow the connection.

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