Amazon Alexa setup guide

This requires firmware version 29 or greater.

1. Register an IFTTT account. Login to
2. Go to ‘My Applets’ and click ‘New Applet’.
3. Click “+this” to select a trigger condition. Search for ‘Alexa’. You will see “Amazon Alexa” in the search result. Click that. Then select “Say a specific phrase” and fill the phrase you want to say to open/close the garage door.
4. Click “+that” to select an action. Type “webhooks” in the search field. You will see “webhooks” service in search result. Choose “Webhooks” service.
5. Click “Make a Web request” and configure the form.
a. URL: Use the URL as shown in the app.
b. Method: POST
c. Content Type: application/json
d. Body: {"token":"************", "garagedoorindex":"1"}
Replace the "************" with the token you get from the GDB remote app. garagedoorindex can be “1” or “2”. Don’t forget to put curly braces in the body. Make sure use straight double quotes instead of other type of quotes. See different quotes format here.
e. Save the configuration
6. Send an email to test if the garage door responds.

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