Compatibility: Which garage door openers are not compatible with GDB Remote 2.0?

A quick way to check the compatibility is short the garage door opener terminals where the wall control wires connect to for 1 second, if the garage door opens or closes, your opener is compatible.

These openers are NOT compatible.
1. Liftmaster/Chamberlain/Craftsman security+2.0 openers are not supported. If the learn button on your Liftmaster/Chamberlain/Craftsman is yellow, that means it is security+2.0. To support these openers, a customized adapter is required. You can purchase the customized adapter from us. Contact us at to purchase an adapter.
2. Genie Series III openers. You can purchase the customized adapter from us. Usually you can tell if your opener is series III by looking at the wall control here. If your wall control looks exactly the same as ‘Deluxe Wall Console – Series III’, your opener is a Series III opener. Genie 38013R Dry Contact Adapter or a customized adapter is required.

If your garage opener is not within the list above, it should be compatible. You can also contact us at for compatibility check.

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